Monday, October 15, 2012

News & notes from Brady Hoke's weekly presser

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke spoke to the media on Monday afternoon for his weekly press conference. Here are a few news and notes on what he had to say

- He felt the Illinois victory was a great team win and the most complete game the Wolverines have played this year. He said it was their best showing, but Hoke said they are still a long way from playing championship football.
- He called this week a great week. It is rivalry week and that is always special.
- Hoke feels both teams are different from last year, citing both teams lost key players. He doesn’t think the MSU defense has skipped a beat and that Andrew Maxwell is doing a great job.
- When it comes to what the MSU defense has done to Denard Robinson, Hoke always looks back to see how team’s attack him. He says that MSU has done a good job of getting off blocks and flowing to the ball against Robinson.
- Hoke added the MSU game has always been a physical contest.
- Hoke also said that there is a pretty clear line in the sand in this state when it comes to the Michigan-MSU rivalry.
- Hoke’s most memorable moment from the rivalry was the 2001 game. That was “Clockgate” in which the Spartans won 26-24 in East Lansing on the final play of the game.
- Hoke said the motivation for this game should come from playing a rival. It has to come from within and he hopes his players understand that.
- Hoke said the running backs that get carries in the game are based on feel. Michigan saw Fitzgerald Toussaint, Justice Hayes and Thomas Rawls all picked up at least nine carries on Saturday. Hoke said Rawls and Hayes have earned carries.
- No major injury concerns for Robinson. He is “fine” according to Hoke.
- The key to the improvement for Michigan has not been about adjustments in Hoke’s eyes, it has been about guys just playing better and executing better.
- When asked about Jake Ryan’s game on Saturday, Hoke said that the coaches have high expectations on him. Said Ryan has good instincts and is relentless, which is why he is able to make the plays he does.

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