Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 6 Predictions for MSU, Michigan

It is the Saturday of Week 6 of the college football season. It’s time for both Michigan and Michigan State to put up, or shut up. Here are my predictions for today’s games.

MSU at Indiana
Indiana is on par with Mid-American Conference programs. The Hoosiers have already lost to the likes of Ball State at home. Michigan State shouldn’t have any issues winning this game.
But, the Spartan fans don’t just want a win. They want dominance.
Unfortunately for them, I don’t see a dominant performance coming. The Spartans we have seen in recent weeks are likely to be the Spartans we see going forward, as their injuries up front will be an issue the rest of the season.
Look for the offense to grind out some touchdown drives and the defense to largely hold the Hoosiers in check. Indiana will get the occasional big play and score some points, but never be in control of the game.
Michigan State will let Indiana hang around before pulling away late and getting its first Big Ten win, in unimpressive fashion.
Michigan State 27, Indiana 13

Michigan at Purdue
Purdue is coming into Saturday’s game with big hopes. Michigan comes into the game with a lot of pressure.
A loss on Saturday likely means a long season for the Wolverines and would put them below .500.
Purdue wasn’t expected to really be in the Big Ten race, so a win would be icing on the cake to a decent start.
Michigan just needs to stay within itself and not get too risky on either side of the ball.
The Wolverines have shown improvement on defense and should be able to play well enough against Purdue to give the offense a chance to win the game.
If Denard Robinson holds true to his promise, he should have a solid game and play largely mistake-free.
Ultimately, I see this being a fight to the finish, with Michigan coming out on top. I expect Denard Robinson to rebound and make a number of big plays with his legs while making smart decisions with his arm. The defense will be good, but not great. They had to be great against Notre Dame, but today, good will be enough.
Michigan 31, Purdue 24

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