Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What legacy will Denard Robinson leave at Michigan?

Back in August, I asked the question is Denard Robinson the most valuable player in college football?
Certainly Russell Bellomy’s play for the Wolverines in last Saturday’s loss to Nebraska made the argument look even stronger.
But the question now needs to be asked, just what will Robinson’s legacy with Michigan be?
Clearly he has the statistics to be remembered as an all-time great. But numbers are numbers.
What stands out for quarterbacks through history are team accomplishments.
That is what Michigan has been lacking under Robinson.
Until last season, Robinson didn’t have a win over Ohio State.
Until this season, Robinson didn’t have a win over Michigan State.
He still has yet to get Michigan a Big Ten Championship.
His poor performances tend to stick out more than his good ones because his poor performances have come with the most on the line.
That’s not to say Robinson’s lack of accomplishments are solely his fault. He dealt with a poor defense until Hoke’s arrival and hasn’t had a large dose of playmakers around him to work with.
Despite that, the quarterback is always the one that gets the most praise and the most criticism.
If Robinson is unable to lead the Wolverines to a conference title this year, just what will he be remembered for?
To many Michigan fans, I think he will be labeled a disappointment and over-hyped.
To some, they will always label him one of the greats in Michigan history.
The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
But for Robinson to cement a positive legacy with Michigan, he needs to bring some Big Ten hardware back to Ann Arbor.

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