Sunday, October 7, 2012

Big Ten hitting bottom without a ranked team in USA Today poll

We all knew coming into this season that the Big Ten wasn't high on the conference power rankings list.
But did you think it was going to be this bad?
After another rough Saturday for the conference, it finds itself without a single team ranked in this week’s USA Today Top 25 poll.
Now, Ohio State can’t be included in the poll due to its 1-year postseason ban. The Buckeyes are No. 8 in the AP Top 25, but to not have another team be capable of earning a ranking is pretty sad.
Is it a sign of parity in the conference, or just a sign of bad football?
Right now, Michigan, Northwestern, Michigan State, Nebraska and Wisconsin are all earning votes, but all have had their embarrassing moments during the season.
Michigan State certainly doesn't look like a top 25 team with its recent play.
Michigan has been getting better, but the sloppy look of the offense against Alabama and Notre Dame has hurt its national credibility.
Wisconsin came into the season with high hopes, but the Badgers have been a mess and a shell of what they were a year ago.
Nebraska seems unbeatable at home, but they turn into a completely different squad on the road.
Northwestern has been a surprise, but a loss to Penn State won’t help it earn many votes from pollsters.
Ultimately, the Big Ten will get its ranked teams as the season progresses, but the conference has a very big uphill climb to ever get back in the national title picture.

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