Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little Brother Scale after Week 7

I am conflicted this week.
Everything I have seen from Michigan and Michigan State this season tells me the Wolverines are, 1. not only better this season, but 2. built to be better in future seasons as well.
That is what the Little Brother Scale is meant to indicate. Not just who is better now, but what program has more credibility than the other in the eyes of the national media.
I didn’t think there was a way Michigan could get ahead of MSU before Oct. 20.
The Spartans had won four straight in this series, won a Big Ten title in 2010 and the Legends Division title in 2011.
However, the Spartans have been a shell of themselves this year.
The offense has been a mess and the Spartans are finding ways to lose this year as opposed to finding ways to win, which they did in previous seasons.
Michigan, on the other hand, is getting better. The Wolverines have looked very impressive in Big Ten play, mainly on defense. After getting out to a slow start defensively, the Wolverines have improved each week and seem primed to be one of the best in the Big Ten.
With all that said, I am ruling the scale a tie this week, simply because Michigan needs to win on Saturday for me to put it ahead on the scale.
You can’t claim superiority over another program when you have lost four straight. You just can’t do that.
So, we enter this week’s game with an even scale, but a win for the Wolverines will put them ahead. It’s all up for grabs this week, and I am sure that means much more to the players than the Paul Bunyan Trophy (I am kidding, of course).

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