Friday, November 2, 2012

Predictions for Nebraska/MSU and Michigan/Minnesota

Let me start by saying my picks last week didn’t go so well (0-2). Perhaps it is best if I pick against your team. Either way, here is what I think will happen in today’s contests.

Michigan at Minnesota
I think this game will be tougher than many expect. Minnesota has a lot to play for, as it needs one more win to get to bowl eligibility, and it is coming off an impressive win over Purdue at home last week. I think Denard Robinson is coming into this game with that elbow injury still lingering a little bit. I could see it impacting the way he plays and making him more tentative, which will cause the offense to struggle at times. Even with that happening, the Michigan defense should still be able to limit Minnesota’s offense and keep the Wolverines in the game. From there, Robinson will make enough plays down the stretch to get Michigan a win on the road.
Michigan 23, Minnesota 17

Nebraska at Michigan State
Michigan State is a hard team to figure out. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they look bad. Regardless of how they look, the Spartans manage to keep all games close. I see this one being no different. For MSU to win, the offense will have to come through late. I see the MSU defense causing problems for Taylor Martinez all game long. Really, the first team to 17 points probably wins this game. The Cornhuskers don’t have that great of a defense, especially on the road. I think the Spartans will build off the strong finish they had at Wisconsin and show improvement on offense. That improvement combined with another strong defensive outing will give MSU a win over Nebraska, and make Michigan fans happy.
Michigan State 20, Nebraska 16

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