Monday, November 12, 2012

Gardner or Robinson?

Denard Robinson is a polarizing player.
Obviously Robinson is a tremendous athlete.
He has put up historic numbers as a member of the Michigan football team, but he hasn’t been able to win over the entire Wolverine fan base.
There is a significant part of the fan base that feels Robinson is what is keeping Michigan from truly taking a step forward at the national level.
Their point has been emphasized over the last two games with the play of Devin Gardner.
Gardner, who also has the capability to run or pass, has shown much better passing abilities than Robinson.
Over the last two weeks, Gardner is 28 of 47 passing for 520 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions. He has also rushed for 68 yards and three scores.
In Robinson’s starts this year, he has thrown for over 210 yards in just one game. He has nine passing touchdowns with nine interceptions.
What he lacks in passing, he makes up for in rushing, as he has rushed for 946 yards and six touchdowns.
Saturday’s game with Iowa marks the final home game for seniors, including Robinson.
On Monday, during his weekly press conference, Brady Hoke indicated that Robinson is still day-to-day with his elbow injury that has lingered on into its third week.
When asked if senior day will impact his decision to get Robinson in the game against the Hawkeyes, Hoke indicated that Robinson’s health is the only thing that will impact whether he plays or not.
I would suspect that Michigan can beat Iowa with Robinson or Gardner under center. The real question is about Ohio State.
Will the Wolverines need a consistent passing effort to win in Columbus? If so, do Michigan fans trust that Robinson can be the player to provide that effort?
Robinson did go 14 of 17 passing for 167 yards and three scores against the Buckeyes last year, but I suspect that Ohio State’s defense will be stronger this year with Urban Meyer as coach and the added emphasis on beating Michigan this year since the Buckeyes can’t compete in postseason play.
That is just my opinion.
What is your opinion? Give me your vote as to who you think should be Michigan’s quarterback going forward.

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