Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grade Michigan's 2012 season

Brady Hoke set a high standard for Michigan when he took the job, indicating that anything less than a Big Ten Championship is a disappointment.
While that is the right thing to say to the fan base, I can’t say I agree with the mindset.
Certainly Michigan is a team that should go into each season expecting to contend for the Big Ten title and be among the favorites to win it. But last season saw the Wolverines get 11 wins with no title. That is not a failure.
This season, Michigan again finds itself out of the running for the Big Ten title, but the season wasn’t a complete wash.
Unlike last year, I would say this season has been somewhat disappointing.
The Wolverines went 8-4, but three of their losses seemed like very winnable games.
Michigan could have beaten Notre Dame had it held on to the football.
It seemed that Michigan could have beaten Nebraska had Devin Gardner been prepared to backup an injured Denard Robinson. I wouldn’t say that the Wolverines definitely would have won that game, but the offense clearly would have been more productive than it was with Russell Bellomy at quarterback.
Against Ohio State, the game seemed to be Michigan’s for the taking, but a lack of adjustments on offense allowed the Buckeyes to squeak out a victory.
You can read more into Michigan’s season by the four losses than the eight wins. Truth is, Michigan failed to beat the good teams it faced this year. Of the eight wins, the best win seems to be against Northwestern (9-3), but it took a late miracle to get the win, and I don’t think many view the Wildcats as a nationally respected program.
Michigan did end the losing streak to Michigan State, which it needed to do, but the Spartans’ 6-6 record takes a little steam away from what that victory meant for the season outlook.
Overall, the offense wasn’t as explosive this season and the defense was just a shade worse than it was a year ago.
An 8-4 record is okay this year, but if Brady Hoke wants to live up to the standards he set when he took the job, things have to get better next year. The Big Ten was not that strong this season. There is no telling that it will be this weak again in the future.
Given the record and the quality of victories Michigan had, I give them a grade of a B-. I am hesitant to say C because Michigan still won eight games and could get a solid bowl victory. I don’t think the Wolverines deserved a B because of the lack of quality wins and the failure to make the Big Ten Championship Game.
What are your thoughts on Michigan’s season?

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  1. We will see just how disappointed Hoke is if he keeps Borgess as Offense Coordinator next year. When you don't do your job you get let GO... OK HOke step up to the plate...