Friday, January 11, 2013

Just how good is Michigan? Time to find out.

Michigan is off to an amazing start in the basketball season. The Wolverines are 16-0 overall and 3-0 in Big Ten play.
Coming into the season, most of us expected the Wolverines to be strong, but we didn’t quite know how strong they would be.
Even though Michigan is ranked No. 2 in the country and undefeated, there is still a little big of doubt as to just how good Michigan really is.
That should all be settled over the next week.
The Wolverines have a pair of tough road games over the next seven days, meeting No. 15 Ohio State on Sunday before heading to No. 8 Minnesota on Thursday. These will be the two toughest games Michigan has had thus far in the season.
The 3-0 start in Big Ten play is nice, but the Wolverines have had the luxury of facing some of the worst teams in the Big Ten to open conference play. Despite that, the Wolverines have won, and won impressively for the most part.
In a season that started with some big expectations, this 16-0 start has created great expectations for Michigan. The Wolverines truly look like a potential contender for the national championship this season. The key will be seeing how the Wolverines handle these next two games. Both will be very hostile environments, especially Ohio State on Sunday.
Michigan has passed every test thus far with flying colors, but now it is time for an even bigger test.
Can the Wolverines pass it?

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