Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What was disappointing about Michigan's football season

The 2012 season is now completely finished with last night’s BCS Championship Game.
Michigan finished the season No. 24 in the AP Poll and completely out of the USA Today Poll. The Wolverines were behind teams like San Jose State and Northern Illinois in both polls. While you can argue that Michigan isn’t worse than those teams, the point is that Michigan didn’t live up to expectations this season.
The potential was there all season. Outside of the loss to Alabama (which was only strengthened by the Tide’s performance against Notre Dame), the Wolverines could have won all of the other games they lost.
Each loss had a different story. One loss was about the offense turning the ball over. Another loss was about the defense struggling. Other losses were about injuries and preparation.
Coming off an 11-win season, it was clear that an 8-5 record wasn’t expected this fall. It could have been expected, but Brady Hoke has set a high standard for himself and the program, and this year didn’t live up to that standard.
It’s hard to really point the blame in any one direction. The offense, defense and special teams all had high points and low points. Ultimately, the blame probably falls on the coaching.
It’s not that I think Michigan has bad coaching, quite the contrary. But, when a team has a letdown and there is no single reason why, that tends to fall on the coaches.
I think Michigan will improve on this season and Brady Hoke seems to be the right man for the job, but Wolverine fans didn’t like 8-win seasons when Lloyd Carr was around, so they probably won’t accept many of them from Hoke.
So, where does your blame fall for the season?

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