Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trey Burke to go down as one of Michigan's all-time greats

Nobody is really surprised that Trey Burke is entering the NBA Draft.
It’s almost been a foregone conclusion since midseason.
Burke made his decision to leave Michigan for the NBA Draft official on Sunday afternoon and the country is now deprived of a great player with two years of eligibility left.
Burke, though he played for just two years, will go down as one of the all-time greats to wear a Michigan uniform.
Stats aside, Burke cemented his legacy at Michigan by helping the Wolverines get to the national championship game. There is no question that he didn’t always play his best during the tournament run, but his efforts in the comeback against Kansas were legendary in their own right.
While Burke came up short in getting Michigan the national championship, he does leave the program with a Big Ten title and a Final Four to his credit.
He may not go down as the greatest Wolverine in history, but he has to be close. Burke’s impact has a little more of a greater impact because he was the one to lead Michigan back to a national level of success the program hadn’t had since the Fab Five days.
Michigan is a lot better off as a program with Burke leaving than it was when he arrived. If Michigan is ever able to get back to a national title game, or even win the championship, Burke will deserve some credit for building the foundation of success.
I am not sure what awaits him in the NBA, or how his game will translate to the next level, but I enjoyed watching him compete this past season. You could tell he really left it all on the floor when the game was over.

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