Monday, March 11, 2013

Who is going to win the Big Ten Tournament?

It’s finally time for postseason play.
The Big Ten Tournament kicks off on Thursday and runs through Sunday at the United Center.
This year’s tournament field is as good as the Big Ten has ever had.
Though it feels like Indiana is the favorite, it feels as if any of the top 5 teams (Indiana, MSU, Michigan, Ohio State and Wisconsin) could potentially win this thing. Wisconsin may be a stretch, but the Badgers have some big wins throughout the year and are capable of putting a run together.
I don’t feel that the Hoosiers are going to win this week. It seems that Indiana has the No. 1 seed in the Midwest region locked up, so it doesn’t need to really push itself to win this tournament.
The other four teams all could really use this championship. The difference between a title this week and an early exit could mean a lot for NCAA Tournament seeding and location. Michigan, MSU and Ohio State are all contending for a No. 2 seed and each have a slim chance at the fourth No. 1 seed if a lot of early upsets take placing during the week.
Wisconsin could probably make a run to a No. 3 seed if it wins the tournament.
Of the top contenders, Ohio State is the hottest team. The Buckeyes are coming in on a five-game winning streak with wins over MSU and Indiana.
Michigan State has the program pedigree to win this week, but we haven’t seen much consistent play out of the Spartans lately.
Michigan has the talent, but winning big games away from Crisler has been an issue. The Wolverines can either learn from the loss to Indiana and become a stronger team, or they can lick their wounds and continue to struggle in big games.
My pick to win the tournament will be later this week, but what is your pick to win this week?

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