Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little Brother Scale after Week 4

Right now, it would be hard for me to say anyone is a “Big Brother” between these two teams.
Both looked so bad at times on Saturday that neither deserves praise. But, I will carry on.
The one thing that stands out for Michigan is that it had the game in its hands. It moved the ball better than Notre Dame and really had multiple chances to take control of the contest, but six turnovers let it slip away.
In Notre Dame’s meeting with Michigan State, you never felt like the Spartans had the control of the game. MSU had to fight for everything it could get.
That showed up again against Eastern Michigan. Despite a dominant defensive showing for the Spartans, the offense just couldn’t make anything happen.
As one dimensional as the Michigan offense is with Denard Robinson, the MSU offense has become just as one dimensional with Le’Veon Bell. The only difference is that Robinson is capable of doing more in a single play than Bell.
Despite that, the MSU defense is better than the Michigan defense and the Spartans still have a better recent track record than the Wolverines.
With Big Ten play getting started this week, the picture of what the season holds for both teams will start to clear up. We are less than a month away than the anticipated game on Oct. 20. This season has felt like a wash thus far, so the scale goes back to where it was before the season began.

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