Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Brother Scale After Week 1

Week 1 of the season provided a lot of opportunity for debate.
It also opened the door from some Michigan State players to throw in their two cents on Denard Robinson.
MSU coach Mark Dantonio quickly addressed the situation and was clearly disappointed with his players.
If anyone knows the anger that some thoughtless comments can make, it’s Dantonio.
He has seemingly carried Mike Hart’s “Little Brother” comment and built the MSU program around it.
What the MSU players did was simply stoop to the same level that Dantonio detested in the first place.
It’s understandable that Spartan players are a little cocky when it comes to Michigan, but they need to take more pride in just beating the Wolverines. Don’t wake a sleeping giant.
That’s not to say that Michigan can just turn things around over a few insults, but it doesn’t help the Spartans in any way.
Regardless of what Dantonio or Brady Hoke say, the roles of the fan bases have shifted over this four year period and the players have to be aware of that.
Michigan State fans went from being the victim to the antagonist and the Wolverines have went from the antagonist to the victim.
Spartan fans are relishing this new role all while forgetting how much they despised Michigan for doing the same thing. Michigan fans hate the idea that MSU fans can rub it in their face only because they can’t effectively do the same right now.
When it comes to this week’s Little Brother Scale, MSU widens the gap a little bit.
Regardless of what your opinion is of Boise State, Friday was still a good win for the Spartans.
Had Michigan simply competed in Saturday’s loss to Alabama, it would have sent a positive message for the future of the Wolverines.
However, Denard Robinson continues to show that he can’t be an effective passer and the Michigan offense has a clear and exploitable offense when facing a top-level defense.
Unfortunately for the Wolverines, the Spartans appear to have that type of defense.
Even worse for Michigan, the Spartans know it.
LITTLE BROTHER SCALE: MSU 17.5, Michigan 14.5

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