Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reaction to Michigan's 28-24 win over Akron

I think most of us expected a letdown from Michigan on Saturday, but we couldn’t have expected what we got.
The Wolverines didn’t just have a letdown, they were fortunate to get a win at home over AKRON!
The Zips should have won that game. They arguably were the better team on Saturday in the 28-24 loss to the Wolverines at the Big House.
If it wasn’t for a pair of missed field goals, an INT in the end zone and a terrible play call on 3rd and goal from the 1, the Zips would have won the game somewhat comfortably.
All the good that came from Michigan’s 2-0 start was essentially wiped away in Saturday’s win.
Devin Garnder, though he had not been perfect, had won over Michigan fans everywhere as “the guy.” On Saturday, Gardner looked lost and, even worse, was a turnover machine.
Gardner led Michigan to a win over Notre Dame. On Saturday, the Wolverines won in spite of him.
Gardner wasn’t the only problem, however.
The offensive line didn’t do much in the run game. Sure, Michigan had 185 rushing yards, but 112 of that came from Gardner. The Wolverines need to find a consistent running game with its collection of backs, especially with Big Ten play on the horizon.
Michigan’s defense has to be a concern as well. The Wolverines gave up 417 yards to an Akron team that averaged 303 yards per game after playing juggernauts like Central Florida and James Madison.
A letdown would have been an ugly 17-point win over the Zips. This was much more than that. This was concerning if you are a Wolverine fan. This had to put doubt, not only in the minds of Michigan fans, but in the minds of the players as well. Suddenly, next week’s game at Connecticut doesn’t look as appealing as it did a week ago.
Michigan still has a good football team, but it needs to progress, not regress. Devin Gardner is still a talented quarterback, but he has to learn from his mistakes.
Next week’s game will tell a lot about where this team is heading as it begins Big Ten play. If the Wolverines come out on the road and put a beating on the Huskies, then they got the message from Saturday’s mess. If the game is another nail-biter, it could be another disappointing season.

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