Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reaction to Michigan's 59-9 win over CMU

It was a 59-9 win for Michigan, so what is there to complain about?
Maybe nothing, but the Wolverines’ victory on Saturday sure didn’t quite feel like a 50-point win.
But, perhaps that is a good thing for Michigan.
Both Brady Hoke and quarterback Devin Gardner felt there was plenty to still work on and I can’t disagree. I wrote a column for The Oakland Press on Gardner being the one that will make or break this team.
The Michigan offense came out a bit rusty, especially Gardner. The junior quarterback made some questionable throws early, but once he settled in, he played a strong game (10-for-15 162 yards 1TD, 2 INT; 7 rushes, 52 yards 2TD). It is clear that Michigan does have the ability to make plays in the passing game with the current roster. Jeremy Gallon (4 receptions, 47 yards) had a number of difficult catches and tight end Devin Funchess (2 receptions, 47 yards) has all the potential in the world.
The running game was steady, but none of the handful of running backs that were used put a real stamp on being “the man”. I thought freshman Derrick Green (11 carries, 58 yards) looked solid and has potential to be a great back. He seemed to earn himself more carries next week against Notre Dame.
The Michigan defense only allowed 210 total yards and was flying to the ball. Granted, the Wolverines faced an offense that lost its starting quarterback and starting running back in the first quarter, but Michigan was going to limit Central Michigan regardless.
The Wolverines got some big plays from all three units, including special teams right off the bat. There are plenty of reasons to nitpick and point out what went wrong, but you have to remember this was a season opener and mistakes will take place. The key for Michigan was, it was still able to score a lot of points and allow very few despite those mistakes. That’s not something the Michigan State offense could say for itself against a similar opponent on Friday.
Michigan obviously faces a tough test next Saturday and that game will provide more of a picture as to what fans can expect from the Wolverines in 2013.

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