Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Prediction

Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday.
It’s as close to a national holiday without actually being one.
I will be at work during today’s game, but I will be watching like the rest of you.
I know this game has nothing to do with college athletics, Michigan or Michigan State, but I felt like throwing out a prediction on today’s game for the blog.
The 49ers come in as the clear favorite, as they have a point spread of -4 against the Ravens, but I genuinely feel like the Ravens are the better team.
Baltimore has had two impressive wins on the road to get to the Super Bowl. Not many would have expected a team to go into Denver and New England and win, but the Ravens did just that.
San Francisco has had a little bit of an easier road, playing Green Bay at home and Atlanta on the road, but the 49ers still have plenty of talent to win this game.
I look at the Ravens similar to the Giants of last season. Baltimore looked pretty rough at times during the regular season, but still did enough to win a division title. Like the Giants, Baltimore went on the road and beat the two top teams in their conference in the playoffs, and just seem to be clicking right now.
Certainly the Ray Lewis retirement was an added motivation for Baltimore, but that shouldn’t play a role in this game, as everyone has the added motivation of being in the actual Super Bowl.
I think the key to this game is that Baltimore should be able to attack the San Francisco secondary. The 49ers gave up nearly 400 passing yards to the Falcons, and I think Joe Flacco will find Torrey Smith for a few big passes during the game to setup scores. The Baltimore defense will defend Colin Kapernick and the read option well enough to keep the Ravens in the lead. I think as the game moves on, Kaepernick will be forced to throw, and won’t be able to do so consistently enough to win. This game will be close and competitive, but I just feel the Ravens are going to win this one and Flacco wins the MVP.
Prediction: Ravens 27, 49ers 20

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